You may be wondering whether getting a cardiac and bypass surgery in Delhi will solve your medical problems concerning your heart and blood vessels.

Cardiac and bypass surgery in Delhi is one of the methods that will help you solve your heart problems.

What is Cardiac and Bypass Surgery

Cardiac and bypass surgery is one of the surgical methods used by doctors to treat people with problems related to the heart and blood vessels. The surgery helps to create a diversion for the blood to flow when the original artery gets blocked by disease. This opens up a channel for the heart to receive blood without hindrance. The heart begins to perform well when steady blood flows into it.

How does the Surgery Help Blood Flow

When tests reveal a blocked heart doctors may prescribe bypass surgery as treatment. In the surgery, the surgeon takes a healthy blood vessel from some other area of the body such as chest, arm or leg. He then uses this blood vessel to connect to the ends of other arteries bypassing the blocked blood vessel. This allows blood to bypass the blocked blood vessel and flow into the heart.

How does the Patient Benefit

The patient’s symptoms before surgery such as shortness of breath and chest pain improve. The heart may return to normal functioning. The patient’s chances of dying of heart diseases reduce. The patient can return to normal functional with some lifestyle changes.

When is Cardiac and Bypass Surgery Required

A patient may need cardiac and bypass surgery when the patient reports symptoms such as

  • Acute chest pain as a result of constriction of the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. This results in low blood supply to the heart causing discomfort not only when the heart gets exerted with light work but also when at rest
  • Blockage in the left main artery that supplies blood to the left ventricle
  • Blockages in several arteries in the heart area
  • Under performance of the left ventricle

A patient may need a bypass surgery when the patient’s earlier angioplasty proves ineffective. A patient may also require a bypass surgery when an artery where a stent placed in a previous procedure develops new blockages. The doctor would recommend a bypass surgery when placing a stent is not appropriate. A doctor would recommend bypass surgery in emergency situations.

How is the Surgery Done

The surgeon performs the bypass surgery under general anesthesia. During the surgery the patient is on a heart-lung machine which circulates the blood. The surgeon cuts open the center of the chest to expose the heart to perform the required procedure. The surgeon takes good blood vessels from other parts of the body and attaches them to the ends of arteries which can bypass the blocked arteries. This procedure ensures free flow of blood to the heart.

Is Cardiac and Bypass Surgery in Delhi Available

There are many hospitals providing professional services related to cardiac and bypass surgery in Delhi.