Tumors are overgrowth of tissues and they can form in any part of our body. Generally, our people start panicking once they feel or know of a tumor growth, let it be externally or internally. A tumor is always feared for a cancer, although doctors say it is merely a percentage and most of the tumors are not cancerous. Our hearts are also not an exception for tumor growths and they are known as ‘Cardiac Tumors’. Needless they being cancerous or not, the best Cardiac Surgeon in Delhi says cardiac tumors cause great problems for the patients.

What are the complications in living with a Cardiac Tumor?

Tumors can form covering the heart or heart valves, muscles in the heart wall or cavities of the heart in such a way that it blocks the blood flow and circulation. This causes various life threatening issues such as –

  • Heart failure
  • Atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat or heart rhythm)
  • Blood clots
  • Stroke
  • Embolism (part of the tumor or a blood clot traveling to other parts through the blood  circulatory system)

What are the types of Cardiac Tumors?

Primary tumors generally grow in the left upper chamber of the heart (left atrium) at the atrial septum and divide the two upper chambers of the heart (Myxoma). These are very rare type of cardiac tumors.

Secondary tumors are more common than primary tumors. These tumors form in other parts of the body such as breasts, lungs, liver, and stomach and then get spread to the heart.

Symptoms of cardiac tumors

Cardiac tumors rarely show specific symptoms to identify it easily, although it is dependent on the position of the tumor. The best cardiac surgeon in Delhi, who has done hundreds of safe cardiac tumor removals in India, says at times tumors are only spotted when the patient comes for a scan or testing for another purpose. Consulting a heart specialist is important if you feel any slight discomfort in the chest, unless for any other known reason.

Cardiac Tumor Removal Surgery by the Best Cardiac Surgeon in Delhi

Not all cardiac tumors are recommended for a surgery – it depends on the complication level or symptoms to the patient, tumor size and the overall health. However, if the tumor is already blocking the blood flow and circulation, the cardiac surgeon would more likely recommend a surgical removal of the tumor.

The best cardiac surgeon in Delhi has the best state-of-the-art facilities for the safest cardiac tumor removal surgery. He uses minimally invasive techniques such as robotic cardiac surgical methods and key-hole surgeries for the tumor removal. These techniques ensure less pain, less scare, less inconvenience and faster recovery in patients. The surgery takes a little time depending on the complication level, and during the surgery, the tumor and the tissues around it are removed to ensure non-recurrence.

For a personalized best care, consult the best cardiac surgeon in the city for safest and effective cardiac tumor removal and recovery.