A Heart Transplant is performed on persons with end-stage heart failure or severe coronary artery disease, as the last resort option when other medical or procedural treatments are not effective. It is a complex procedure that takes several hours inside the operation theater. Chase off the butterflies from your mind about the surgery with the Best Heart Transplant Doctor in Delhi, who is a well experienced surgeon and he has performed hundreds of transplants successfully.

Apart from the heart transplant procedure, are you worried about rearranging your lifestyle following the procedure? This article gives you the necessary guidance by the Best Heart Transplant Doctor in Delhi.

Do’s following a Heart Transplant

  • Follow-up visits to Transplant Center– For the first 3 months after surgery, you will be kept under close monitoring by the transplant doctor, importantly for a rejection of the transplanted heart by your system or any infections. Very frequently your pulse, blood pressure, weight and body temperature are monitored. Even after 3 months, do not forget your clinic dates, although you are fully recovered by that time.
  • Manage your daily Medications and Therapies– Your doctor would prescribe necessary medications and therapies. You may need to use them for first few months or lifetime. Try to incorporate them into your daily schedule, so you don’t forget them when you are busy with your family, or at work.
  • Plan healthy meals –  Eat high protein meals for about 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Even after, give all necessary nutrients good for the heart and blood circulation. Calcium and Iron rich vegetable and fruits are particularly essential. Look for low fat dairy products, herb species and fresh greens. Have your meals on time and keep them always healthy.
  • Be mindful of your blood sugar levels –  Some patients report of increased blood sugar levels following a heart transplant, may be with certain medications. Keep monitoring your sugar levels and it is important to control carbohydrates and sugary products, even if you are not a diabetic’s person. With the advice of your doctor, it is important to engage in regular exercises.
  • Be hygiene– Being clean is important to avoid infections. Bathe regularly and brush twice a day.Keep your house and environment free of dust. Some patients report skin cancer following a heart transplant. Avoiding direct exposure to sun and keeping the skin clean is important.

Don’ts following a Heart Transplant

  • Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol– Cigars and alcohol are unsafe after a heart transplant as they could risk your life with a transplanted heart rejection, lung infection or cancer.
  • Avoid certain foods –  Fatty foods could increase the cholesterol levels, sugary goods could increase high blood sugar, raw seafood could cause bacterial infection, grapefruit could make your blood levels of your transplant medications too high. Spicy foods and fast foods also need to be controlled.
  • Avoid stress– Excessive mental or physical stress is unsafe. Mental stress could increase the blood pressure levels. Lifting heavy things or doing heavy works stressing the breastbones also needs to be avoided.

Get all the required advice’s and clear all your doubts from the specialist. Live another time, but this time perfectly, with the right guidance from the Best Heart Transplant Doctor in Delhi.