Have you been diagnosed with cardiac disease and looking for best heart surgeon in India? If yes, then you need not worry anymore! We are here to guide you for the same.As India has emerged as a global leader in terms of medical tourism, you have a plethora of choices while your search for top heart surgeon in India. The doctors here are not only highly skilled but also have decades of experience in handling most complex cases.

Since you have decided to visit India for your treatment, we would suggest you to choose the capital of India, New Delhi, as your medical tourism destination here. You can find top cardiologist in India here and they are associated with the best hospitals with international standards of patient care. Cardiac surgeon in Delhi are amongst the best heart surgeon in India as they have gained fame on global platform owing to their expert handling of cardiac patients, both locally and internationally.

Now read below to know more about the chief traits of best heart surgeon in Delhi as this will help you in choosing the best doctor for your heart treatment in India:

  • The heart doctors in Delhiare highly qualified and most of them have experience of working on global platform at some or the other point of time their career.
  • They have gained in depth knowledge of cardiac ailments and their treatment through extensive research and thousands of patient handling.
  • Their expertise is recognised to the extent that they are considered as demi God by those patients whom they have already treated.
  • These cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons have trained several junior doctors who are going to be the future of cardiac treatment in India.
  • They are proficient in performing all kinds of heart-related procedures like – bypass surgery, valve replacement/repair, device implantation, cardiac tumour removal and heart transplant, etc.
  • Best heart doctor in Delhi are recognised for their ethical practices and empathetic attitude towards patients. They not only provide medical care but also motivate their patients to lead a better and heart-healthy lifestyle.
  • They are also known for taking initiatives to upgrade the Indian healthcare system with latest advancements. Be it robotic cardiac surgeries or other minimally invasive surgical procedures, the best heart surgeon in India are acquainted and trained internationally for providing best quality treatment.
  • Education of patients and their family is of utmost importance to our doctors. They make rigorous efforts and have specialised team for development of education material like booklets and mobile apps. These help in making patients aware about their disease and its treatment. Pre-op and post-op care is also explained is these booklets and apps.
  • They understand the importance of doctor-patient relationship very well and therefore keep you updated throughout your medical journey and are open to all your queries and concerns.
  • Once your treatment gets completed and you leave for your home country, you can still stay in touch with your doctor here. Guidance in case of any post treatment complication is given by them over call or through email.