Your specialist recommended you a Lobectomy surgery and if you are wondering what it is and if this is absolutely required for you, this is a must read article.

Doctors recommend a Lobectomy surgery to remove one portion (lobe) of the lungs. Our right side lung has 3 lobes and the left side has 2 lobes. If you are diagnosed with a disease in one of the lobes and if the doctor finds that the disease will spread and affect other unaffected healthy lobes, he will recommend a Lobectomy surgery to remove the affected one lobe to prevent the disease spreading and avoid further complications.

Who requires a Lobectomy?

Your doctor might consider a lobectomy surgery for you as the last resort option, if you are suffering with the following conditions or diseases:

  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Lung cancer
  • Lung abscess (pus formed in lung)
  • Tumors
  • Emphysema(over-blowing of air sacs in the lung)
  • Fungal infections

Benefits of choosing a Lobectomy surgery in Delhi

This surgery requires several days of preparation pre-surgery with the consultation of the specialist – you may have to stop other medications for a while, completely stop smoking, etc. It also requires careful follow-ups post-surgery, x-rays and medications for faster recovery. Persons who undergo this procedure requires about 7-8 days stay at the hospital. If you are very worried about the money to be spent on all such consultations, medications and the surgery, lobectomy surgery in Delhi would be the best solution. The hospitals offer the best package, with no compromise on service quality. The surgeons and their team are friendly and give you the best personal care and medical advices of all aspects, including medications and required changes diet, exercise and routine work levels.

Can you avoid a recommended Lobectomy surgery?

It is not advisable to avoid the surgery. It is the option given last by the doctors when they think the medicines are not effective enough for your condition. Discuss with your doctor the timeframe within which you should complete the surgery and it is best to get admitted in the hospital within this period.

Types of Lobectomy surgery in Delhi

The surgeon would choose one of the few techniques available to perform the surgery. This could be:

  • to completely open up the chest
  • make an small cut close to the affected lobe
  • video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) by making few incisions

Discuss the pros and cons of these techniques with your surgeon, who would recommend the best option for you depending on the affected lobe area and its severity.

Aftercare post-surgery

You would requirestaying in hospital at least for a week, and within this period your surgeon and other attendants will give necessary instructions on medications, physical activities, diet, breathing and coughing techniques. Probably before you leave the hospital, the chest tubes and oxygen machine will be removed and feel confident to walk alone and do your things by your own. However, you need complete rest before starting your normal routine to prevent strain for your chest muscles. There is a list of dos and don’ts you need to discuss with your doctor.