Not all heart conditions are suitable for minimally invasive cardiac surgery in Delhi. Consult your cardiologist who will evaluate your condition and tell you which surgery is suitable.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery in Delhi is a specialized field performed by experts trained in that form of surgery.

What is Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS) involves operating on the heart by making two incisions near the heart. The cardiac surgeon accesses the affected part of the heart or blood vessels through these incisions to perform the required surgery.

How is it Different from Other Surgeries

MICS is different from other cardiac open heart surgeries. In other cardiac open heart surgeries surgeons cut open the breastbone to gain access to the heart through a 10-12 inch window. After the surgery they reattach the breastbone. In MICS the incisions are much smaller and there is no need to cut open the breastbone. Instead, surgeons approach the heart through incisions that run between the ribs on the side of the heart. In some MICS surgeons perform the surgery with the heart performing its functions. In open heart surgery they put the patient on a heart-lung machine during the surgery.

Types of Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Besides surgery through incisions MICS includes thoracoscopic surgery and robot-assisted surgery.

In thoracoscopic surgery, surgeons use a minute high-definition video camera attached to a thoracoscope, a long thin tube, inserted into one of the incisions. Using the second incision, surgeons approach the heart through long instruments inserted into them.

In robot-assisted surgery surgeons perform the surgery through robotic arms. Surgeons view the heart through a 3-D viewing monitor and perform all the moves using the robotic arms. They use the remote controls to move the robotic arms to replicate their hand movements.

How Does it Benefit Patients

In MICS, patients benefit in many ways such as

  • The heart surgeon gets a better view of the heart
  • Lesser pain as breast bone is not touched
  • Far quicker recovery
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Risk of infection much less
  • Reduced trauma
  • Smaller scars
  • Return to normal functions faster

What Heart Conditions Can it Treat

There are many conditions of the heart that are amenable to MICS. Some of them include

Who can Benefit

MICS benefits those who cannot withstand open heart surgery. It may be an option for older patients and patients with a medical history for whom risk is high in normal surgery. MICS may be a better option for patients with diabetes, asthma and smoking history.

Who cannot Benefit

Patients with acute heart malfunctions or protracted heart diseases are not good candidates for MICS.

Is Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in Delhi Performed Everywhere

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery in Delhi is available only in select centers as it involves surgeons with requisite expertise in the field and specialized equipment.