Doctors performing cardiac & bypass Surgery in Delhi emphasize that low carb diet is a very powerful way to not only lose weight but also reduce the risks of having heart disease. Best heart transplant doctors in Delhi are concerned about the health of your heart and therefore they are involved in extensive research to find out latest ways of handling heart ailments.

Why taking low carb diet so important?

The intake of low carb or low carbohydrate-oriented food in one’s diet has proven to be beneficial for heart health for a longer period. Obese people are more prone to heart diseases. Low carb diet lowers the weight of a human body with many other benefits.

We need food to eat to get the energy for our body. When one starts to have low carb diet, he/she lowers down the glucose intake from outside. As the body does not get the extra energy from the food source, it starts to find it inside our body. As a result, the stored fats of human body supply that energy to the body. Thus, the stored fat starts to reduce and our body starts shrinking, As a result, weight loss occurs.

People looking for cardiac & bypass Surgery in Delhi are reportedly very happy with the amazing results they noticed after taking low carb diet. It is also helpful in controlling blood sugar, the blood pressure and also the cholesterol level which in a way improve the entire cardiovascular system of human body.

What should be the proper diet to follow:

A balanced diet based on low carbohydrate is recommended for good heart by the nutritionists as well as best heart transplant doctors in Delhi.

If we take high carb diet i.e. our staple food is rice or handmade bread which is almost 70% to 80% of the whole meal and also lots of potatoes and sweets which are carb dense foods and a great source of saturated fat which tends to increase the glucose level in body leading to have high blood pressure, high sugar and high cholesterol.

So we should stick to low carb, i.e. the minimum amount of rice, chapattis or bread, potatoes, sweets should be taken along with high intake of protein, i.e. plenty of pulses, beans etc. Animal protein like fish, chicken and good source of fat like different types of almonds and dairy products; high amount of fruits and vegetables and fibers in regular diet is a real good idea to achieve great results. Any type of processed carb should totally be avoided.

The amount of carbohydrate should be less than 40 grams per day for an adult. If anybody follows this type of diet for a prolonged period like few years or something, he or she can see a drastic improvement in his or her heart health, or rather on the entire heath system. Research shows that 10-year heart risk gets reduced by 1.4% by following this routine.

So we suggest to follow these types of diet so that the condition of your heart and your overall health gets improved to a great extent!