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Lobectomy Surgery In Delhi, India

Lobectomy procedure or Surgery in Delhi, India

It is surgical procedure of removal of a lobe of an organ which means removal of a section of lung which is badly damaged or diseases or prevents cancer from the spreading.

In the procedure the affected lobe of lung will removed because the healthy tissue is spared to maintain healthy function of the lung.

How does lobectomy regulated?

There will be different type of lobectomy and each one will performed differently. Most of them will perform via thoractomies, which mean we will make small incision on the side of the chest between two ribs and perform this surgery and remove the effected lobe.

Other alternatives is via traditional throactomy in which we make three small incisions and one large incision around surgical area and then perform the surgery. We also doing with open chest also.

Advantages of Lobectomy?

Preparation for a lobectomy

Outlook after the Lobectomy

If the things goes well the patient will fully healed in less than 3 months

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